We set the standard for curriculum resources. Now, we’re raising the bar even higher to support teaching and learning ... without the book! 


Innovative online learning platform

Switch is an innovative online learning platform that keeps the focus on learning, while creating limitless opportunities for you to deliver content tailored to your learners’ individual needs. The use of SWITCH technology makes learning more flexible and opens doors to a range of interactive experiences - all within a 100% digital environment.

Integrated assessment

Switch takes our learning content and puts it in an online environment. Summative Assessment is seamlessly integrated into the learning content (wherever possible) so learners are assessed in real time with the content fresh in their minds.

Modify content yourself

With Switch, you are in control! You can modify content yourself, providing a richer, customised learner experience. Customising learning content and formative assessments is simple and allows you to create your own world of learning, unique to your learners’ needs.

Other Benefits of Switch

  • Access to our extensive range of pedagogically sound resources. Our assessments stand the test of time and are supported by best-practice learning materials to effectively facilitate learning.
  • A fully online platform suitable for all BYOD devices.
  • Cloud based, so content is stored safely and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Secure and safe learning environment. No social media access through the platform itself and no student-to-student email, creating a safe and focused learning environment.
  • Assessments downloaded or emailed via PDF for marking electronically.
  • A 100% digital environment that eliminates paper.
  • Per Student pricing options available.