Level 2 - NZQA Ref: 2863

This qualification provides for people intending to pursue focused development in the skills, capabilities, knowledge and attributes needed to succeed at NZQF Level 4 or above, within the context of a field of study or career pathway.

5 Programme Options

There are five possible options to achieve the graduate outcomes of this qualification. If these five options do not suit your unique needs then select individual standards from the list below. You can then determine your own additional specific content to ensure your programme will meet the required qualification outcomes.

Gaining Programme

We have developed a separate technical specification to include in your programme approval documentation to help save time and ensure requirements are met.

Linking standards to qualification outcomes

Our technical specification clearly shows how each standard (or set of standards) directly links to each graduate outcome. This linkage is provided in detail where needed down to the level of ER, Explanatory Note etc.

Entry Requirements


Employment Pathways

This qualification may help graduates to access enhanced opportunities in employment and professions associated with the context of their programme.

Pricing Options

Different price options are available based on the unit standards selected.  Contact us for a customised quote based on your unique needs.

Pathway to higher
level qualifications

Study or training related to the context of the learner’s study at NZQF level 4 and above.
New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (level 4) [Ref: 2860].

List of all Unit Standards/IES Modules   Level Credits
Identify and apply knowledge obtained from a variety of specialised sources
IES766*          Contextualised project - plan, complete, evaluate View details 3 22
2990               Read texts to research information View details 3 4
11097             Listen actively to gain information in an interactive situation View details 3 3
Manage own learning and work effectively as an individual and as a team-member
9681               Contribute within a team or group which has an objective View details 3 3
30906             Plan and engage in an activity intended to benefit the community View details 3 6
11101             Collaborate within a team which has an objective View details 4 5
Solve problems and communicate clearly
1279                Write in plain English View details 3 3
1304                Communicate with people from other cultures View details 3 2
1307               Speak to a known audience in a predictable situation View details 3 3
3491               Write a report View details 3 4
9695               Examine problem-solving models and explain associated techniques View details 3 3
9696               Apply a problem-solving model View details 4 4
9704                Manage interpersonal conflict View details 4 4
11816              Respond to customer enquiries by writing in a range of contexts View details 3 4
Evaluate opportunities and develop plans for study and career pathways
4251               Plan a career pathway View details 3 3
12360             Describe and explain emerging patterns of work View details 3 3
30911             Demonstrate knowledge of a specified workplace View details 3 3

* or at the provider’s discretion choose units that make up 20 credits contextualised to the learner that meets qualification outcome 1.