IES Modules

For newly developed New Zealand Qualifications, Instant Education Solutions has developed our own IES modules. These IES modules ‘bridge’ any gaps between Unit Standards and Qualification Outcomes. For more information on how IES modules can be used for course approvals, please contact us.

Certificate of Computing - Level 2 Level Credits
IES745           Troubleshooting and dealing with connectivity problems 2 2
IES746           Accepted conventions and practices for digital communications technologies 2 4
Certificate of Computing - Level 3
IES747           Produce still images for use in a range of digital outcomes 3 2
IES748           Work ethically, legally and appropriately in a digital environment 3 2
IES749           Work with data across multiple platforms 3 5
IES750           Troubleshoot and fix problems in a digital environment 3 3
Certificate in Foundation Skills - Level 1
IES762           Describe methods of managing and organising own regular activities 1 2
IES763           Interact with individuals and groups in work and community based settings 1 4
IES764           Reflect on progress towards personal and career goals 2 3
Certificate in Foundation Skills - Level 2
IES765           Reflect on individual and group communication situations (situations from US 1299 needs to be completed together or after 1299) 2 1
Study and Career Preparation - Level 3
IES766           Contextualised project - plan, complete, evaluate 3 22