Welcome to our February 2018 update.

2017 has been and gone, and with the start of 2018 Instant Education Solutions brings you some exciting new changes. We introduce 30 new and improved Communication Skills and Computing unit standards, our ECE standards continue to be developed, Core Generic and Legal Studies resources get simplified, and our e-learning platform SWITCH continues to grow.

We also warmly introduce our new manager Joshua Dobbs who has taken on the reins of Instant this year. We look forward to continuing to provide quality educational resources backed by excellent service throughout the rest of 2018 and beyond.

Our Term 1 Update includes:

  • ECE Updates
  • Core Generic revisions
  • Legal Studies updates
  • Communication Skills revisions
  • Solutions Brochures
  • Try SWITCH, our e-learning platform!
  • Standards published since our last update

Early Childhood updates

Work continues on the updating of existing ECE resources (for new versions), as well as writing resources for the replacement unit standards. The first of these resources were published in the last quarter of 2017. We have now published resources for seven of the unit standards. Our writers expect to publish the remaining ECE resources by around the middle of this year.

Instant has put together a potential programme of unit standards for the New Zealand Certificate in Education and Care (level 3), that incorporates these updated and new standards. The details of this programme are available here.

Core Generic revisions

This month NZQA released new versions of Core Generic units in three domains:

NZQA’s main aim was to simplify units by reducing the number of outcomes and evidence requirements. Over the next few months, we'll be updating all core generic units on our catalogue, around 50 unit standards in total. We will take this opportunity to review and simplify our resources to make them even more user-friendly!

Legal Studies updates

We are currently upgrading all our Legal Studies resources to meet the requirements of the new versions of the standards recently released by NZQA. NZQA has simplified many of the standards, especially in relation to the Merit and Excellence requirements. Instant is taking this opportunity to update some of the topics covered in our teaching materials so that these continue to be relevant and interesting for learners. We are also continuing to develop the way that technical legal concepts are explained and presented so that these are readily understood by your learners.

Instant offers the full range of Legal Studies resources, from Levels 1 to 3. These resources are suitable both for learners who want to pursue a legal career in the future, as well as learners who would benefit from learning about society and how the law impacts on our day to day lives. Resources for US27835 and US27836 have been upgraded, with the aim of completing the full suite of remaining upgrades by mid-year.

Communication Skills revisions

We have now finished updating all our Communication Skills resources – around 30 unit standards across Interpersonal Communications, Reading, and Writing domains. Assessments have been modified to reflect the new unit standard versions, many now with fewer outcomes and evidence requirements. All teaching and learning content was reviewed and updated where applicable. More details, plus samples are available here.

Solutions Brochures

We have a number of solutions brochures designed to help you with your curriculum selection. These have been updated to ensure you have the most up-to-date information available. Click on the links below to view each brochure.


Try SWITCH, our e-learning platform!

Our e-learning platform, SWITCH gives you the ability to modify existing learning content. Assessment is integrated throughout the learning material and the platform is fully BYOD compatible. These easy-to-use features give you a total online learning solution for your students.

SWITCH is available for schools and PTEs. Download our informational flyer here or contact us direct.

If you wish to purchase Switch Packs you can do so through your My Library. Switch Packs are a ‘per student option’ with packs starting from $39.00 per student. Switch is unavailable for ITP and ITO customers.

Recently Updated Units

The writers at Instant have been busy. All of these updates are available from within the Members Library. Otherwise they can be previewed and purchased through the website. To view full terms and conditions visit our website here.

103           Use data entry skills to input data View details 2 3
3483         Fill in a form View details 1 2
3490         Complete an incident report View details 1 2
3501         Demonstrate knowledge of and apply listening techniques View details 1 3
3503         Communicate in a team or group to complete a routine task View details 1 2
10792       Write formal personal correspondence View details 1 3
1294         Be interviewed in a formal interview View details 2 2
2989         Select, read, and assess texts on a topic View details 2 3
3492         Write a short report View details 2 3
9677         Communicate in a team or group which has an objective View details 2 3
10791       Participate in an informal meeting View details 2 3
25073       Read texts to recognise differing points of view on a topic View details 2 3
1296         Interview in informal situations View details 3 3
2990         Read texts to research information View details 3 4
3491         Write a report View details 3 4
9681         Contribute within a team or group which has an objective View details 3 3
9694         Demonstrate and apply knowledge of communication process theory View details 3 4
11097       Listen actively to gain information in an interactive situation View details 3 3
1297         Conduct an interview in a formal situation View details 4 5
11101       Collaborate within a team which has an objective View details 4 5
COMPUTING   Level Credits
29770       Use the main features and functions of a spreadsheet application for a purpose View details 2 3
29772       Manage files and folders using digital devices [Windows, Android and iOS] View details 2 2
29773       Produce digital images for a range of digital media View details 2 3
29778       Use the main features and functions of a schematic diagram application to create diagrams View details 2 2
25657       Create a website for a stakeholder using a mark-up language - HTML5 and CSS3 View details 3 6
29788       Develop and evaluate an interactive website for organisational use View details 3 5
29789       Use a presentation application to produce an interactive multimedia presentation View details 3 3
29791       Capture and prepare digital media for integration into other applications (Using GIMP, Audacity, and Lightworks) View details 3 2
29792       Use a desktop publishing application to produce documents View details 3 4
29793       Investigate, plan, design and create digital outcome solutions to meet the requirements of a specified brief View details 3 5
29794       Implement security solutions when using digital tools View details 3 5
64              Perform calculations for the workplace View details 1 2
DRIVING   Level Credits
3462          Demonstrate knowledge of traffic law for the purpose of safe driving View details 2 3
29852        Demonstrate knowledge of the basic needs and nutrition that support young children's holistic wellbeing and development View details 2 4
10019        Describe and contribute to safe practices and a safe environment for children in an ECE service View details 3 3
10026        Demonstrate knowledge of children's development and learning and their relevance to an ECE service View details 3 5
26707        Describe the value of play and create resources for children's development and learning in an ECE service View details 3 4
26708        Develop respectful, reciprocal and responsive relationships with children in an ECE service View details 3 4
29866        Demonstrate knowledge of, apply and reflect on age-related nutrition needs for a child in an ECE service View details 3 2
29869        Demonstrate knowledge of ethical responsibility to guide practice in an ECE service View details 3 3
ENGLISH   Level Credits
22751        Read and process information in English for academic purposes View details 4 6
HOSPITALITY   Level Credits
168             Demonstrate knowledge of food contamination hazards, and control methods used in a food business View details 3 4
LEGAL STUDIES   Level Credits
27835         Demonstrate understanding of concepts of democracy and government View details 1 4
27836         Explain concepts of democracy and government in a New Zealand context View details 2 4
10347         Demonstrate knowledge of the development of the New Zealand legal system View details 3 5
12009         Complete sales transactions in a retail or distribution environment View details 3 5
28302         Apply product information to selling goods in a retail environment View details 3 10