Welcome to our May 2018 update.

As winter rapidly approaches Instant have been busy updating a number of our resources in response to NZQA’s many changes throughout the Social Sciences, Core Generic, Humanities and Service sectors.

Grab a hot cup of coffee and get updated on everything we have been working on over the last few months.

Our Term 2 Update includes:

  • Core Generic
  • Digital Technologies
  • Computing
  • Ongoing Development
  • Literacy and Numeracy Updates
  • New Zealand Certificates
  • Standards published since our last update

Core Generic

Twenty of our most popular core generic units have been updated and are now available. We will be continuing to development the remaining thirty core generic standards reviewed by NZQA throughout the year.

We have focuses on simplifying assessment, teaching and learning material. Here is a short snapshot of a popular work and study skills standard:

377 – Demonstrate knowledge of diversity in workplaces
Instant has written an entirely new assessment for this revised unit standard. Previously, learners had to write about diversity in a general context. The new assessment incorporates case studies, giving learners the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a more realistic way. It also includes an option for learners to complete the assessment using their own workplace (or one they are familiar with).

See our catalogue for a full list of updated Core Generic Standards.

Digital Technologies

A full suite of new Level 1 Digital Technologies Achievement Standards has been published by the NZQA. In contrast to the previous Level 1 Achievement Standards, where the focus was on a combination of theory and practical application to produce a range of digital outcomes, the new collection also includes standards that afford learners the opportunity to gather credits for planning and managing all aspects of the outcome development process.

This includes:

  • 91877 - proposal for an outcome
  • 91878 - design of an outcome
  • 91884 – planning and managing the development of a digital outcome.

Our team is working hard to develop quality materials to support these new standards, so watch this space for more details and announcements as we start to roll out our exciting new material.

Other Digital Technologies Achievement Standards on our development list include:

  • 91879 – Database development (Using Microsoft Office 365 – Access)
  • 91880 – Website development
  • 91883 – Programming (Scratch and Python).


Our Computing writers have been hard at work on the new Computing standards, and over the last few months we have published materials for several units at both Level 3 and Level 2. We have now completed the full suite of standards to support programmes leading to the Level 3 NZ Certificate in Computing (Intermediate User). See our catalogue for the full list of the new Level 3 Computing units now available.

Development on our suite of materials for units that support the Level 2 Certificate in Computing (User Fundamentals) is also well under way, with materials for 10 units already available. This includes units dealing with digital presentations (29771), effective use of the internet and digital tools to gather information and connect with others (29781), working with digital images (29773), and many other exciting topics. The remainder of the Level 2 units are set for rollout over the course of this term.

Ongoing Development

We are continuing to develop resources for a number of key areas. Updates for Business Administration, ECE, and Legal studies are provided below. Watch this space for further updates.

Business Administration
We continue to work on the exciting new range of Business Administration units that have been developed for assessment within programmes leading to the Level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology). Resources for the first of these 15 credit units (29024) are scheduled for publication during Term 2. Resources for three other units (29025, 29026, and 29027) will be rolled out in regular succession throughout the year.

Early Childhood Education
Resources for the majority of the level 3 ECE unit standards have now been published. There is a mix of updated resources as a result of version changes, as well as resources for new units. Resources incorporate new and amended content to reflect the current version of the ECE curriculum and the Education Council’s teaching code of conduct.

The remaining level 3 units are scheduled for publication during Term 2; the next units to be published are 29870 and 29871. Development work on the level 2 resources is also under way, with two of the level 2 units (29852, 29853) now published.

Legal Studies
Our Legal Studies standards are currently being updated with fresh, interesting, and exciting legal concepts for learners to study.

So far ten Legal Studies resources have been updated and revised. Changes have been made to reflect the new version of the unit standards as well as to include new scenarios and case studies based on the current legal situation in New Zealand. The remaining eight resources are due to be updated by the end of July.

Literacy and Numeracy Updates

We are in the planning stage of developing our English Language, English for Academic Purposes and 266 Series resources. We would like to hear if these are of interest to you and this is a perfect time to have some an influence on our new resources. If you think these resources would be great additions to your current list of Instant resources, please contact Dustin or Moira and give us some feedback.

English Language
We are looking at updating our existing English Language assessment resources and developing resources for new units, following NZQA’s review of these unit standards. Key change; NZQA has mapped their units to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) graduate profile outcomes. All new and updated EL resources will be aligned this framework.

A fresh new look! English Language Study Books, Audio Files, and Teacher’s Guides
Level 1 English Language units: 27997v3, 30984v1, 31001v1, and 31013v1. These reflect New Zealand’s cultural and linguistic context, a key feature asked for by our customers. The development process for these resources included in-class usability testing and collaboration with specialist English Language Tutors.

Study Books (for learners)

  • key word glossaries at the start of each lesson/section
  • simplified language and text to meet the specific needs of EL learners
  • step-by-step, skills-development with embedded mini-practise activities (27997v3)
  • learning content and practise activities with a New Zealand focus.

Audio files – spoken in New Zealand English, these cover key dialogues in the learner’s Study Book (Speaking strand 31013v1 only).

Teacher’s Guides – each set includes our standard Teacher’s Guide, to help teachers support students with the content and activities in the Study Book.

English for Academic Purposes
Resources for all Level 3 and Level 4 English for Academic Purposes (EAP) unit standards. These units help learners develop the English language skills needed in academic settings. An advantage of EAP units is they can be used by first-language English speakers, as well as learners who speak English as a second language.

Check out the resources we’ve developed so far:

  • 22750 – Write a crafted text for a specified audience using researched material in English for an academic purpose
  • 22751 – Read and process information in English for academic purposes

Credits from both can be used for University Entrance literacy requirements.

266 Literacy and Numeracy Units
We are looking to expand our offering for the 266 literacy and numeracy units. Plans are underway to develop and publish two more project workbooks – one each for literacy and numeracy. These will be new project workbooks; the existing project workbooks will continue to be available. We are also working on the development of a 266 numeracy practice workbook, to provide more support for teaching and learning in this area. The numeracy practice workbook will help to prepare learners to work through the 266 numeracy project workbook, and/or numeracy tasks for the individual 266 numeracy units.

The existing individual 266 assessment resources will also be reviewed and updated as part of the development work to the 266 series.rces will also be reviewed and updated as part of the development work to the 266 series.

New Zealand Certificates

For those seeking programme approval to award New Zealand Certificates, we have a number of packaged solutions that meet all the required course outcomes. Most of our certificate packages have a number of programme options to choose from. These can also form the basis for a programme that providers can further customise to their specific needs. We provide support documentation outlining how our resources meet the qualification outcomes which include technical specifications to support your programme application. Please contact us to talk through the options available.

Certificate packages include:

Recently Updated Units

The writers at Instant have been busy. All of these updates are available from within the Members Library. Otherwise they can be previewed and purchased through the website. To view full terms and conditions visit our website here.

327           Document business financial transactions for an entity View details 2 4
COMPUTING   Level Credits
29771       Use the main features and functions of a presentation application for a purpose View details 2 2
29781       Use the internet and common digital devices and software to gather information and connect with other users and devices View details 2 7
29782       Demonstrate knowledge of computing hardware, software and terminology to select digital tools for specified purposes View details 2 5
24872       Produce documents for a workplace using a computer [Uses MS Office] View details 3 3
29785       Use a word processing application to integrate images, spreadsheet and database data into documents View details 3 4
29786       Produce a spreadsheet for organisational use View details 3 3
29787       Produce and use a database to provide a solution for organisational use View details 3 3
29789       Use a presentation application to produce an interactive multimedia presentation View details 3 3
29790       Apply digital tools to create and monitor a project plan View details 3 3
29791       Capture and prepare digital media for integration into other applications (Using GIMP, Audacity, and Lightworks) View details 3 2
29785-6-7-K       29785-29786-29787 Combined Pack View details 3 10
12349       Demonstrate knowledge of time management View details 2 3
12354       Describe legal implications of living in rented accommodation and means to prevent and resolve related problems View details 2 4
525            Recognise sexual harassment and describe ways of responding View details 2 3
4261          Identify legal rights and obligations in relation to motor vehicle ownership and operation View details 2 3
12356        Demonstrate knowledge of consumer problems and ways to resolve them View details 3 3
64              Perform calculations for the workplace View details 1 2
504            Produce a CV (curriculum vitae) View details 1 2
543            Work in a new workplace View details 1 3
1978          Describe basic employment rights and responsibilities, and sources of information and/or assistance View details 1 3
4249          Describe obligations as an employee View details 1 3
377            Demonstrate knowledge of diversity in workplaces View details 2 2
4252          Produce a personal targeted CV (curriculum vitae) View details 2 2
4253          Demonstrate knowledge of job search skills View details 2 3
7118          Manage own learning in a programme View details 2 3
10781        Produce a plan for own future directions View details 2 3
1980          Describe, from an employee perspective, ways of dealing with employment relationship problems View details 3 3
4251          Plan a career pathway View details 3 3
29853        Demonstrate knowledge of health issues and services available to protect and enhance the wellbeing of young children View details 2 3
29863        Develop, implement and evaluate a learning plan based on observation of a child in an ECE service View details 3 5
29867        Demonstrate knowledge of diverse whānau/families and use a range of effective communication strategies in an ECE service View details 3 5
29868        Demonstrate professional behaviour and manage personal health and wellbeing in an ECE service View details 3 4
ENGLISH   Level Credits
22750        Write a crafted text for a specified audience using researched material in English for an academic purpose View details 4 6
LEGAL STUDIES   Level Credits
27838         Demonstrate understanding of foundational concepts of justice View details 1 4
27847         Demonstrate understanding of law making processes View details 1 4
27850         Demonstrate understanding of New Zealand's system of government and its formation and operation View details 1 4
27839         Explain concepts of justice View details 2 4
27848         Explain a law making process View details 2 4
27837         Evaluate a concept of democracy and government in relation to restraint on state power View details 3 4
27846         Evaluate litigation and dispute resolution processes in relation to challenging state power View details 3 4
27849         Evaluate a law making process in relation to a significant legal issue View details 3 4
11978         Maintain housekeeping in a retail environment View details 2 3
11938         Assist customers to select goods and/or services View details 2 5
24997         Demonstrate knowledge of theft and fraud in a retail or distribution environment View details 2 5
57                Provide customer service View details 2 2
TECHNOLOGY   Level Credits
91373         Construct an advanced computer program for a specified task View details 2 3