IN·STANT (instǝnt)

prompt; immediate; able to be used quickly and easily.

Introducing Instant Education Solutions

Our vision is to ‘change lives through learning’. In essence we exist to help you. With over 15 years experience as specialists in the secondary and tertiary education sector, we know what it takes to make it in the ever changing world of education.

We specialise in the provision of assessment resource solutions, allowing you to relax and get on with the job of teaching. Whether you are a PTE, secondary school, ITP or ITO, we have the solution to ensure your success.

In a world of ever-increasing compliance, paperwork, and moderation, we take the hassle out of teaching. We save you time and money, and most of all, we give you peace of mind.

100% Kiwi Owned and Operated

Product Quality

Whether you are a PTE, secondary school, ITP or ITO, we have the solution to ensure your success.

The quality of Instant’s products and services is something we pride ourselves on. Every resource or service developed is carefully thought through and crafted to provide students with the best chance of success. Our resource developers are experienced writers in their fields of expertise and work hard to develop high quality assessments. Assessments created are not only pragmatic but also technically competent.

Our senior resource developers have extensive experience in moderation and work closely with NZQA and other Standard Setting Bodies to ensure that valid, consistent, and reliable assessments are delivered to your door. Peer review also forms a big part of our quality assurance process and all our writers are subject to regular reviews and feedback.

Our product development process requires that writer’s work undergo a number of quality assurance checks and measures to ensure each outcome and grading requirement is covered correctly. Each assessment, where possible, is independently moderated. Also, all our teaching material is rigorously reviewed. This ensures that a complete and accurate learning package is delivered to you.

Customer feedback is essential for Instant to continually improve its products and services. All our products come with a product guarantee. If external moderation processes reveal any errors, we will fix the resource for you at no extra cost!

We offer a 12 month free upgrade if a standard changes NZQA version after purchase. We also provide an 24 month free internal upgrade service. In addition, if your particular product fails moderation we will fix it for free. For more information, see our terms and conditions.