No Time to Mark Assessments?

Instant’s Assessment Service can save you the time and stress of being buried under paperwork. If you have a large number of unit standard assessments to mark, Instant can help you. Our Parent Organisation is NZQA accredited to deliver a large range of standards and, therefore, Instant is able to provide an assessment service on ‘your behalf’ saving you valuable time.


No NZQA Accreditation?

A number of standards are available for assessment by Instant Education Solutions including ‘Certificate Packages’ such as Early Childhood and Retail. This is particularly useful for schools that may not have accreditation in a particular NZQA sub field or domain but still wish to teach certain subject areas. You can teach these subjects using our premoderated resources and them simply send your assessments to Instant to be assessed for you. Your school can then register those credits on your students’ Records of Learning, using our provider number. No costly compliance or accreditation costs, Instant can free you up to do what you do best.


How does it work?

When you initially request to use our assessment service, we will send you a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ to agree and sign. Once your students complete their assessments you will send them to our qualified and experienced staff who will mark the assessments and return the work to you (usually within two to three weeks). You will receive a report listing each individual student and their achievement outcome. If a resubmission is required, the specific details of that resubmission will also be recorded. Your school can register any credits achieved on your students’ Records of Learning, using our provider number.

What Standards can Instant assess?

To see a list of Standards that are assessed by Instant's Assessment Service click here.

(Instant does not offer an assessment service for Achievement Standards.)