Literacy Toolkit

Selected Qualifications that Instant offer contain supplementary ‘Literacy toolkits’ designed to work in conjunction with the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy. Each Unit is progression mapped to determine the required level of literacy or numeracy required to successfully complete the unit for assessment purposes.

The Literacy Toolkit then provides a resource which can support teachers to embed literacy within the learning content of this unit and in context with the qualification. The Toolkit contains ‘tools’, such as suggested activities and specific examples from the unit standard which can help develop the literacy skills of learners.

The aim of the Toolkit is to provide a starting point for teachers, and teachers may need to alter and/or supplement these activities to accommodate the specific literacy needs of their students in completing the qualification.



Literacy Toolkit - A Practical Tool for tutors to assist learners with their literacy needs

Literacy And Numeracy, Numeracy And Literacy