Welcome to our Term 1 update.

Term 1 is well under way, and our team is hard at work across a range of domains. The bulk of our updates for Core Generic, ECE, Legal Studies and English for Academic Purposes are available for use. We continue to work on our Computing, Business Admin, Digital Technologies and English language assessment resources. We will be updating our Retail and 266 series (literacy and numeracy) resources this year and starting development of Business Studies resources and new English Language teacher guides.

Message from the Manager
We are sad to say goodbye to Dustin Bisschoff, who has worked with us in the northern region for many years, and we wish him all the very best for the future. Our team is excited to introduce Lana-Dee Paul, our new Northern Sales Consultant. If you have any queries about our new resources, or your current library of resources, please make contact with Lana-Dee, she is more than willing to assist you.

Core Generic

We’re publishing the last of our 48 updated core generic standards over the coming weeks. These units relate to employability, life, and industry skills, and form part of our Work Ready Solutions which are popular in Gateway programmes. Click here for the 2018/19 Brochure.
The next two updated units we’ll publish resources for are:

  • 12358 – Demonstrate knowledge of purchasing household consumables
  • 12359 – Describe household conservation strategies


Resources for two new unit standards will be added to Instant’s retail offering.  The units are both Level 2 and relate to stock control:

  • 11966 – Count and record stock in a retail or distribution environment
  • 29728 – Maintain and take care of stock under supervision in a retail or distribution environment

In addition, our writers will be updating our existing retail resources to the latest versions of the standards.  

Early Childhood Education

The majority of Level 2 ECE resources are now available, and the remaining Level 2 resources will be completed during term 1.

The next unit to have resources published will be 29859. This will be followed across term 1 by the three remaining Level 2 resources – 2985829860, and 29861.

English Language

Instant is in the process of developing the complete range of Foundation, Level 1, and Level 2 English Language assessment materials. We have done extensive research with an education provider to develop assessments that are relevant and accessible to second language learners.

Currently, all the listening and speaking assessments for Foundation, Level 1, and Level 2 have been completed. Reading and writing assessments are due to be completed by the end of Term 1. We also plan to develop a range of teacher resources, including learner worksheets, to help prepare learners for the assessment tasks.


The full suite of materials for the most recent Level 2 and 3 Computing unit standards are now available. These units support programmes leading to the Level 3 NZ Certificate in Computing (Intermediate User), and the Level 2 Certificate in Computing (User Fundamentals).

We are also currently updating our existing materials for Level 2 and Level 3 programming – written for use with Python. See our catalogue for the full list of Level 2 and 3 Computing materials now available.

Digital Technologies

We continue to work hard to develop materials for the new Level 1 Digital Technologies Achievement Standards. The first of these standards (91877 – Develop a proposal for a digital outcome) is currently available, with two additional standards due to be published soon:

  • 91878 – Digital outcome design
  • 91879 – Database use (Using Microsoft Access)

We are currently working on the following standards, to be completed in the order shown:

  • 91884 – Iterative processes to develop a digital outcome
  • 91883 – Programming (Python and Scratch)
  • 91880 – Website development

Business Administration

Materials for the first of the 15 credit Business Administration standards (29024 Provide business administration support using business technology) are currently available. These standards have been specifically developed for the Level 3 NZ Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology).

Materials for the second of these units (29025 Obtain, communicate, and reproduce business information using business technology) is due to be published soon, with materials for the remaining two units being developed in the following order:

  • 29026 – Process data to produce information for business purposes
  • 29027 – Produce business documents using software applications

Recently Updated Units

The writers at Instant have been busy. All of these updates are available from within the Members Library. Otherwise they can be previewed and purchased through the website. To view full terms and conditions visit our website here.

91047      Undertake development to make a prototype to address a brief View details 1 6
91877       Develop a proposal for a digital outcome View details 1 3
COMPUTING   Level Credits
2797         Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of computer networks View details 3 4
7126          Respond to oral one-to-one complaints View details 3 2
12348        Demonstrate knowledge of anger management View details 1 2
7121           Demonstrate skills to search, access, and select information View details 1 2
29857        Describe patterns of development and learning for young children View details 2 2
30978        Demonstrate understanding of basic spoken texts in common everyday situations (EL Foundation) View details 1 10
30979        Demonstrate understanding of simple spoken texts in everyday situations (EL) View details 1 10
31013        Participate in simple everyday spoken interactions (EL) View details 1 10
31024        Present basic information on an everyday personal topic (EL Foundation) View details 1 5
31025        Present simple information on an everyday familiar topic (EL) View details 1 5
30980        Demonstrate understanding of a straightforward spoken text on a familiar topic (EL) View details 2 5
30984        Demonstrate understanding of simple spoken instructions in everyday situations (EL) View details 2 5
30985        Demonstrate understanding of straightforward spoken instructions in a familiar context (EL) View details 2 5
30988        Demonstrate understanding of a straightforward spoken interaction on a familiar topic (EL) View details 2 5
31014        Participate in a straightforward spoken interaction on a familiar topic (EL) View details 2 5
31020        Participate in an interview on a familiar topic (EL) View details 2 5
31026        Present information on a familiar topic (EL) View details 2 5