Welcome to our Term 4 update.

Here at Instant, we know how busy this time of year can be. For both educators and learners, it is a time of hard work and success, but also a time to plan for the year to come. Likewise, we are nearing the completion of a busy year of updates in Core Generic, Computing, ECE, Legal Studies, and Business Admin. We look forward to entering into next year with a fresh new offering of Digital Technology, English Language, and English for Academic Purposes resources.
If you have any queries, requests, or resources you would like us to develop, we would be more than happy to discuss them with you. Happy holidays and happy planning for 2019!

Core Generic

We are busy finishing our updates to our Core Generic resources. We have updated or created new resources for 36 standards which are now available. These units relate to employability, life, and industry skills, and form part of our Work Ready Solutions which are popular in Gateway programmes. Click here for the 2018/19 Brochure.

Work continues on the remaining 12 units, with many of these due for completion by Christmas. The next 2 units we will publish resources for are unit standards 12348 and 7126.

Legal Studies

Our Legal Studies range has been updated with fresh, interesting, and exciting legal concepts for learners to study.

Changes have been made to reflect the new version of the unit standards with new scenarios and case studies based on the current legal situation in New Zealand. 

Early Childhood Education

Resources for all the level 3 ECE unit standards that Instant offers have now been published, together with resources for a number of the level 2 unit standards.

There are six remaining level 2 ECE units that we are currently working on, most of these will be available by the end of the year. The next level 2 units we will publish resources for are unit standards 29854 and 29857.


We have completed the full suite of materials to support programmes leading to the Level 3 NZ Certificate in Computing (Intermediate User), and the Level 2 Certificate in Computing (User Fundamentals). These are all materials written for the new Level 2 and 3 Computing unit standards.

See our catalogue for the full list of Level 2 and 3 Computing materials now available.

Digital Technologies

Our team has been hard at work developing materials for the new Level 1 Digital Technologies Achievement Standards. We aim to have materials for the first three standards ready for use in Term 1 of 2019:

  • 91877 – Develop a proposal for a digital outcome
  • 91878 – Develop a design for a digital outcome
  • 91879 – Develop a digital outcome to manage data (Using Microsoft Office 365 – Access)

After this we will be developing materials for the remaining standards on our development list, which include:

  • 91883 – Programming (Scratch and Python)
  • 91880 – Website development

English Language

We are in the process of developing all English Language units for Foundation; Level 1, and Level 2. Most of the assessments are new and improved. We aim to have a set of EL assessments ready for you within Term 1 of 2019. Unit 31000 (EL Foundation) will be the first and includes a helpful Teacher’s Guide and Learner’s Study Book. Look for this in Term 4. If you'd like to see more teacher/learner support resources for EL, let us know!

English for Academic Purposes

We are currently finalising the Level 4 English for Academic Purposes resources and are now working on developing the Level 3 resources. Each resource focuses on a relevant and contemporary topic and takes learners step-by-step through the skills required to complete the assessment.

Featured Standard - US22750: Write a crafted text for a specified audience using researched material in English for an academic purpose

The Instant assessment for this level 4 unit standard assesses the learner’s ability to write an essay based on provided researched material.  The credits from this unit standard can be counted towards university entrance.

Recently Updated Units

The writers at Instant have been busy. All of these updates are available from within the Members Library. Otherwise they can be previewed and purchased through the website. To view full terms and conditions visit our website here.

29024       Provide business administration support using business technology View details 3 15
COMPUTING   Level Credits
18758       Find information using the Internet View details 1 2
29775       Use the main features and functions of a web authoring and design tool to create a website View details 2 3
29783       Use the main features and functions of a database application to create and test a database View details 2 3
24709        Produce a balanced budget to manage personal finances View details 1 3
7124          Demonstrate knowledge of one-to-one negotiation View details 2 2
7117           Develop strategies to enhance own learning View details 2 2
8824          Research a topic using oral, visual and written sources, and evaluate the research process View details 2 3
10780        Complete a work experience placement View details 2 3
29856        Describe and demonstrate care practices for infants and toddlers View details 2 2
29864        Demonstrate knowledge of attachment theories, behaviours and transition support in an ECE service View details 3 3
22749       Write a text under test conditions in English for an academic purpose View details 4 5
LEGAL STUDIES   Level Credits
27840         Evaluate a concept of justice in relation to a specific situation View details 3 4
27841         Demonstrate understanding of concepts of law View details 1 4
27851         Explain systems for the formation of central government, and their consequences in a New Zealand context View details 2 4
27852         Evaluate systems of government and their formation View details 3 4