Quarterly update – June 2021

Term 2 has flown by, and the mid-year school holidays are rapidly approaching!

Spotlight on…..New service delivery resource

28145 - Interact with customers in a service delivery context. Level 2, Credits 2

This comprehensive resource is designed to prepare learners to work in a service environment, such as retail, hospitality, or tourism. The learning materials support learners to:

* understand and meet basic personal presentation requirements

* use greetings and other techniques to make customers feel welcome

* understand the service delivery requirements of a customer

* interact with the customer in a culturally appropriate way.

The Learner’s Guide provides ample opportunity for learners to apply these concepts and skills to a wide range of service contexts (eg from the perspective of an air hostess, barista, and extreme sports tour guide). The guide also prepares learners effectively for the practical assessment of these skills. The assessor is given clear guidance in the Assessment Sample Answers as to how a learner can meet the requirements of the standard. 

Agriculture 24630 and 24548 – new assessment only resources

For learners working under general supervision with livestock/dairy cows.

24630v4 Assist with livestock grazing management, and feed livestock under direct supervision (Level 2, Credits 4)

Covers pasture and water quality monitoring and reporting, and feeding and reporting on the condition of livestock.

24548va Assist with milking (Level 2, Credits 8)

This 8 Credit unit standard covers key stages of milking and drafting – yard/plant preparation, yarding the herd, milking, and drafting during milking.

New instruction layout – easy to follow, step-by-step guide for candidates and assessors.

Log sheets to capture evidence as it would naturally occur – designed to follow the logical sequence of steps involved in each farm task, all PCs covered.

Improved judgement statements – new detailed guidance on the minimum standard of work and/or understanding required to show competency, includes real-life examples.

Sample answers – gives further practical guidance for assessors by reflecting the appropriate farm tasks for level 2 standard.

Business Administration

We are hard at work on the materials for the new Business Administration 32000-series unit standards (32000v1 to 32006v1). Recently we published:

32002v1 Compose and enter text to create and manage business documents (Level 2, Credits 3)

Look out for materials for the remainder of the 32000-series, which will be rolled out over the next few months.

We have also begun work on the new versions of the following Business Administration standards, published by NZQA this month.

29024v2 Provide business administration support using business technology (Level 3, Credits 15)

29025v2 Provide general office services using business technology to support business operational activities (Level 3, Credits 15)

29026v2 Process data and perform calculations to produce information for business purposes (Level 3, Credits 10)

29027v2 Produce business documents using software applications (Level 3, Credits 10)

329v9 Process financial information for cash transactions for an organisation (Level 2, Credits 3)


We have completed updating all our Computing resources for Office 365. This incorporates the major changes made in 2019 to the user interface for Office products such as Word, Excel, Publisher, and Access. If you are using Office 365, we strongly recommend you upgrade to these new resources.

In response to several requests from customers, we have also published new resources for the desktop publishing standards (29774 and 29792) using Adobe InDesign as the DTP tool.

English for Academic purposes (EAP)

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) unit standards are designed for learners preparing for academic study and credential a learner’s linguistic ability to cope with university study. They are open to all learners, ie both native speakers of English and English language learners.

They are an excellent option for learners intending to pathway onto tertiary study, particularly those who might opt out of a traditional, literature-based English programme. They allow learners focusing on the sciences, or other non-language subject areas, to express their academic topic knowledge through English.

Candidates can gain up to 15 credits towards their university entrance literacy requirements through three of the Level 4 EAP standards (22749, 22750, and 22751). Instant has a full catalogue of Level 3 and 4 English for Academic Purposes unit standard resources for both teaching-learning and assessment.

English Language (EL) ­– new assessment only resources

Instant has been hard at work ensuring that our catalogue contains the full set of Assessment resources for all of the English Language unit standards currently available. These unit standards are designed for English language learners.

Four new EL resources that have been recently added to our catalogue are:

27997v3 Write simple texts for practical everyday purposes (Level 1, Credits 5)

27999v3 Write a simple connected text on a familiar topic (Level 2, Credits 5)

31012v1 Participate in basic everyday spoken interactions (Level 1 EL Foundation, Credits 10)

30983v1 Demonstrate understanding of basic spoken instructions in common everyday situations (Level 1 EL Foundation, Credits 5)

These English Language resources include an Assessment booklet, Assessor’s Guidelines, and Assessment Sample Answers. The final assessment resource to complete our EL catalogue will be published in the coming weeks:

31001v1 Read and understand simple texts for everyday practical purposes (Level 1, Credits 5)

Other news & updates

Conferences – Instant is looking forward to attending upcoming conferences: NASDAP from 9th -11th August in Christchurch, and Area Schools (NZASA) from 18th - 20th August, also in Christchurch. If you are attending these events look out for Lana-Dee and Julia at the Instant stand.

NZQA review panels – Cheryl (the Instant Manager) has been appointed to two upcoming NZQA panels: Communication Skills unit standard review, and the panel which will look at units for the recently published Foundation and Bridging Qualifications.

NCEA changes – there is a lot of talk around the NCEA changes that are being phased in over the next 3-5 years. The Government is consulting on proposed changes now, with final decisions not expected until September. Instant finds this website great for keeping up to date with all the NCEA news:

Version changes – Instant is looking forward to NZQA publishing updated versions for Financial Capability units in the near future. Once these are published our writing team will be busy refreshing our resources in this area.

We would love to hear from you

Please make contact with us if you have any resources that you would like. At Instant we want to ensure that we are providing education providers with the most up-to-date and relevant resources possible. Whilst we cannot possibly create all of the resources you request or make all the changes you suggest; we really appreciate your feedback. Your feedback assists us to improve quality of our material and make informed decisions on what to publish next.

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