Quarterly update – September 2021


It has been a challenging term with the sector working around Covid lockdowns.

Instant has many of our resources available as E-packs (editable PDF files), so please get in touch with the team if we are able to assist you with these resources.

Spotlight on:

1827v9 Identify personal support needs and services in the local community. Level 2, Credits 2 

This comprehensive resource has been significantly updated to reflect the requirements of the new version of the unit standard, and the current environment. The teaching/learning materials are designed to help learners build an understanding of:

  • the key types of personal support needs
  • informal and formal resources available that meet personal support needs
  • the reasons why individuals may be reluctant to seek support
  • the main types of local community support services
  • how and where to source detailed information about community support services.

The Learner’s Guide provides ample opportunity for learners to apply this information to a wide range of personal support needs and services, and effectively prepares learners for assessment.

31001v1 Read and understand simple texts for everyday practical purposes. Level 1, Credits 5 - new assessment only resource

Instant has recently published the final assessment resource to complete the English Language suite. We are now able to provide Assessment resources for all of the English Language unit standards currently available.

Primary Sector Core Skills

This health and safety focussed unit is now available. It has a broad primary industry focus, suitable for learners already in work, or training.

  • 31656v1: Demonstrate knowledge of safe work practices in a primary industry operation (Level 2, Credits 10)

Learners working or training in any primary industry operation can now complete this health and safety assessment. (Replaces unit standard 23540 which had a focus on rural workplaces only). Learners complete the theory task, and then demonstrate safe work practices while carrying out work activities specific to their chosen primary industry operation. Includes comperehensive course materials to fully prepare learners for this 10 credit assessment.

Also available:

  • 31913v1a: Operate a basic tractor on flat terrain under close supervision (Level 2, Credits 3)

Learners demonstrate their tractor driving skills over a 10 hour period. No implements attached (which was required in the soon to be expired unit 24552v2). Three easy options for gathering task-based evidence at their workplace or at school. Driver log sheet included with the assessment.

  • 31914v1a: Attach and detach a power take off driven 3 point linkage mounted implement to a basic tractor under close supervision (Level 2, Credits 2)

Learners just attach and detach the implement. No need to drive with the implement. Learners can now focus on using the correct method and sequence – and safety, safety, safety! Can be done at the same time as 31913v1a.


Business Administration

The version updates for unit standards 29024 through to 29027 are well under way, along with resources for the 32000 series of unit standards.

We are currently preparing the following units for publishing:

  • 122v8 Provide safe and secure customer-focussed reception services (Level 3, Credits 5) and
  • 32003v1 Create and customise business documents (Level 3, Credits 6)

We are also starting development of:

  • Unit 32106v1 Use business administration tools and systems (Level 3 Credits 5).

This unit replaces Unit 123 Use office information, copying, and telecommunication systems, and Unit 6910 Integrate business administration functions and systems. These units are both expiring.


Legal Studies version changes available soon

We are currently updating these legal studies units to the new version (v6):

  • 8545: Describe factors contributing to, and consequences of, crime
  • 8552: Describe legal and non-legal consequences and protections relating to family violence and child abuse
  • 8555: Describe the objectives and evaluate the application of consumer law
  • 10337: Describe the legal rights and personal responsibilities of secondary school students


Assessment marking service

It’s the time of year where the Instant Assessment Marking Service gets very busy! Please send assessments in as early as possible, to give our assessors time to get these marked and returned to you. All our existing assessment service customers will receive a reminder email during October with information about the cut-off date for getting assessments to us this year.


Unit standards – NCEA and RoVE

NZQA recently published information in relation to the Review of Vocational Education (RoVE). As part of the information, an update was available about the status of unit standards.

In response to the question: What is the future of the unit standards in schools?

NZQA has responded:

“Both unit standards and achievement standards will continue to count towards all levels of NCEA. Skill standards could contribute to the vocational education award.

The design of skill standards will need to take account of how schools will use those skill standards. NZQA will collaborate with WDCs and others on the design and then consult on the proposals.

Over time, skill standards will replace unit standards as the core components of vocational education.”

(Source: NZQA Frequently Asked Questions about proposed changes to simplifying New Zealand qualifications and other credentials)

For information about the Review of Vocational Education, please visit:


For information about NCEA changes, please visit



Instant is looking forward to attending the CATE conference in Blenheim in November. We hope changes (fingers crossed!) in Covid levels allow this conference to go ahead, and we look forward to re-connecting with our customers.


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